PB Postage account Explained (Postage By Phone)

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PB Postage is a pay-in-advance facility used for purchasing postage

You are required to deposit an agreed amount (determined by you) into your PB Postage account as a pre-paid sum; this is known as an agreed deposit balance, postage can then be downloaded against this balance. 

Each time you download postage an invoice will be generated to replenish the value of your "agreed deposit balance". To avoid running out of funds in your PB Postage account, you are required to maintain your agreed deposit balance

Payment term:

As this is a payment-in-advance facility, there are no payment terms

If you pay by Direct Debit, a payment will start to collect the day after you have downloaded postage to your Meter to replenish your agreed deposit balance; this will be claimed within 5 working days

Please note: PB Postage is a pre-paid facility, if you do not pay your Invoice/Statement(s) in a timely manner this may impact your ability to download further postage onto your Meter

UPDATED: 28 April 2021