Frequently Asked Question Answer
Why do international packages require special processing? There are a lot of complexities to international shipping. Each country has its own import and export laws; international shippers need to know in advance whether they can legally ship their goods to a customer in another country. Secondly, each country levies various taxes or duties for imported goods which must be calculated and paid. Finally, addresses must be detailed enough to assure correct delivery; inadequate address information will prevent a parcel from reaching its destination. PBI provides processing services to assure that all international commerce requirements are met.
Are there any restrictions on the size of the item to be shipped? The Global Shipping Program utilizes a broad range of international and in-country carriers. In general, packages must not weigh more than 66 pounds. The package must not exceed 66 inches in length. Finally, it must not exceed a maximum dimension of 118 inches which is the length and girth (width) of the package.
Who pays for duties or other charges in international shipping? The buyer does. For items that are purchased by international buyers through the eBay Global Shipping Program, buyers are provided a cost quote for importation charges and a separate quote for shipping charges at the time of purchase. This provides full disclosure up front before the buyer agrees to the purchase.
How do buyers learn what duties, shipping charges and other fees will apply to their order? During the check-out process online, buyers are quoted an importation charge (which covers duties, etc.) and a shipping or transporation charge. They are guaranteed of no further charges.
What type of packaging should the seller use to ship item(s) to the processing Center?
  • Sellers should choose a sturdy corrugated box
  • Use void fill (packing materials) to prevent movement of commodities in transit
  • If commodity is fragile, wrap item with protective packaging, as needed
What kind of goods are restricted in international shipping? eBay encourages all sellers and buyers to comply with all governmental laws and regulations, both in the US and abroad. For a listing of prohibited and restricted items, go to:
Will every parcel be opened at the processing center? Parcels are opened if Regulatory Law requires due to:
  • Commodity lacks Country of Origin – commodity will be inspected for COO identification
  • Order is for multi quantity of a single commodity – quantity of contents of parcel will be verified
  • Order is for multi commodities – quantity of contents of parcel will be verified
  • US Customs and/or TSA may open parcels for Inspection after shipping from Processing Center
  • If the commodity is restricted, the parcel will be opened for investigation
If the parcel is Shipped in Original Container (SIOC), will it be opened or repackaged?
  • Processing Center will not repackage a SIOC — such as an iPhone in a nested package
  • Processing Center may open for country of origin IF the COO is not visible on the outside of the SIOC
Will the Processing Center repackage, or add void fill (packing material) to my commodity? The Processing Facility will add professional void fill and/or repackage a commodity, for no additional fee to the seller, if:
  • The original parcel is too large for the commodity – and then a replacement carton will be used of smaller dimensions
  • The quality of the original parcel is worn or tattered the processing center will re-tape and reseal the parcel
  • The original parcel is overweight and the commodity can be repackaged into (2 or more) parcels, allowing parcels to ship forward to buyer
What should customers in Europe expect about VAT charges? Merchandise that is available through the Global Shipping Program is only for personal use or consumption by the designated recipient and is not for commercial resale.  Therefore import VAT incurred on the purchase of goods for non-business purposes cannot be reclaimed or recovered.
How can buyers track their parcel en route? Either buyers or sellers can go to My eBay and track the parcel shipment from the time the seller sends it to the time the buyer receives it, no matter how many shipping carriers are involved.
What role does PayPal play in the Global Shipping Program? Paypal is the only payment method offered as part of the Global Shipping Program. PayPal offers simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information. Paypal also offers the flexibility of payments from account balances, bank accounts or credit cards.
About how long does it take for international shipments to arrive? International shipping times vary based on distance and other factors. At the time the buyer completes a purchase online, he or she is given an expected delivery window based on the seller location and the destination country.
Why is there a charge from PBI on the customer's credit card? The international shipping services for the eBay Global Shipping Program are provided by Pitney Bowes. At the time of purchase the buyer is quoted "importation charges" and "shipping charges". When the buyer agrees to these as part of the purchase, these charges appear on their credit card with an explanation line that includes mention of Pitney Bowes.
How can a customer contact Paypal for support?

Have them go to PayPal's online support center:

How can a customer contact ebay for support? Have them go to eBay's support center:
If a customer in my country wants help from Pitney Bowes, to where do I direct them? Have them send an email to