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Thank you for choosing Pitney Bowes

Our simple guide below tells you exactly what happens next.
Follow this page point by point to get the best value from your franking machine fast.

1. Your order

We will confirm your order by email

We will update our records with your order, link the meter to your account and send you an email with your order confirmation.

Please keep your paper copy of the agreement and T&C’s for your records.

2. Delivery

We will confirm when your meter is on its way

There is normally a delivery time of approximately 10 working days. You will receive an email with a tracking number when the equipment leaves our warehouse.

3. Postage

We will transfer your unused postage

If there is unused postage on your meter, we will organise a transfer to your postage account.

The transfer happens after collection of your old Pitney Bowes Franking machine as part of the decommissioning process. The transfer will show on your postage account approximately 10 working days after we receive your old machine so you can download it onto your new franking machine.

4. Return your old equipment

Returning your old meter

Your old equipment needs collecting as part of a Royal Mail requirement and will be decommissioned as part of our commitment to the environment.

There is a return form included in your new delivery or you can call our logistics team on 0333 999 4430 to arrange collection of the equipment. If you prefer email, you can download the form to email to the team here.

5. Installation

Support for installing your digital franking machine

Look out for the installation guide in the box with your new delivery. We have also prepared step by step installation guides online, showing you how to connect your meter to the internet via LAN, Wi-Fi or your PC.

Click here to find online product support and installation guides for your model.

6. Envelope message

Create free Envelope Messages now

You can set up your company logo or envelope message today to promote your business as soon as you start using your new machine. Follow this link to start this quick and easy process online.

7. Using your franking machine

Maximise your postage discounts

Our virtual assistant Sophie is on hand to provide helpful advice on how to get the greatest mailing discounts including sending parcels, special deliveries and international mailings.

Click here if you have questions for Sophie.

Our franking machine ink is the only ink specifically formulated for Pitney Bowes equipment so you can be sure of a clear, sharp postal impression on every piece of mail you send out. For ink and office supplies call free on 0808 274 3291 or visit our web shop on www.pbmailingsupplies.co.uk.

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