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Thank you for choosing Pitney Bowes.

Our simple guide below tells you exactly what happens next.
Follow this page point by point to get the best value from your franking machine fast.

1. Your order

We are now processing your order

Pitney Bowes will send an email shortly confirming the status of your order.

There is normally a delivery time of approximately 5-7 working days.

An email confirmation with a tracking number will inform you when it is on its way.

2. Getting the best out of your Franking machine

Get ready for your delivery

You can set up your company logo or envelope message now to start promoting your business as soon as your machine arrives. Click here to start the process.

As soon as you receive your order confirmation with your account number you can register your account online here, then request your Inview™ activation code. Once activated, you are ready to monitor and manage your postage in the free Inview™ dashboard from the moment you start using your meter.

3. Installation

Install your franking machine

Look out for the self-installation guide included in your delivery to help you install your equipment.

We have also made a step by step installation guide online to show you how to connect via an analogue telephone line or via your laptop or PC.

Click herto find our online product support and installation guide.








4. Downloading Postage on your meter

We will credit your free postage automatically to your account

Your free credit will appear on your account, available for down-loading onto your meter when you first connect your franking machine to add postage. The amount is then taken off your invoice.

Click herto see how you can top-up your meter.


5. Using your franking machine

Maximise your postage discounts

Our virtual assistant Sophie is at hand to provide helpful advice on how to get the greatest mailing discounts including sending parcels, special deliveries and international mailings.

Click here if you have questions for Sophie.

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