The Pitney Bowes User Group

The Pitney Bowes User Group is an independent industry forum whose aims are to:

  • Promote understanding of developments in mailing technology and in our industry
  • Offer an opportunity to network with peers
  • Provide a forum for constructive feedback to Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies (DMT) as a supplier.

The rapid pace of development within the mailing industry makes it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of technology and market trends. Talking with your peers in the industry and sharing experiences with them is one way of ensuring that you remain at the cutting edge.

The group has become the forum for discussing the increasingly complex issues involved in making customer communications happen with representation from many vertical markets all using Pitney Bowes mail room solutions.

The User Group is independent and is run by a committee elected by the members to ensure it represents their interests.

Committee Members

  • Danny Brock, Business Continuity, User Group Chairman
  • Michael Fay, FCS Lasermail
  • Richard Smith, CDMS

Upcoming Events

June 2010

How to join the Pitney Bowes User Group

In order to become a member you must own Pitney Bowes DMT high volume mailing or document technology (e.g. inserting or sorting machines). Typically, we organise two events a year, where you can network with your peers and enjoy some hospitality. The annual membership fee is £125 per person. So if you want a voice on the future direction of your business, come and join us.

Please contact Danny Brock, User Group Chairman, at or Julia Mitchell, Pitney Bowes DMT on 01753 847410 /