1. How much does Envelope Messaging cost?

Pitney Bowes Envelope Messaging is free for all Pitney Bowes existing and new digital franking machine customers.

2. How do I order Envelope Messaging?
  It is really easy; ordering can be done online and will take you just a few minutes. Please click here and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.
3. How does it work?
  All you need to do is login to MyAccount. Select the Pitney Bowes Envelope Messaging Portal and create your customised Digital logo, we will do the rest for you. Once your Digital logo has been reviewed and approved it will be automatically downloaded onto your machine ready for use. You will receive an email when your Digital logo is ready.
4. Can I create and order more than one Digital Logo?
  Yes, you can have as many as you like.
5. How many Digital Logo’s can I have on my machine at the same time?

Each digital franking machine has its own limit.

  • DM50:-  Can hold maximum of 10 logos
  • DM100, DM160 or 220:-  Can hold a maximum of 20 logos
  • Machines within the DM300 or 400 ranges:-  Can hold a maximum of 10 logos
  • Machines within the Connect+ range:-  Can hold an unlimited amount of logos.
6. Once I have created my Digital logo how will I download it to my franking machine?

Download is automatic, we will notify you via email once your Digital logo is available to use and ready for download.

7. Is Envelope Messaging available for all franking machine models?

Envelope Messaging is available for all digital models.