1. Creation of Customised QR Codes:

Generate and download QR Codes that customers can scan with a smartphone, making it easy to connect with customers anywhere, anytime.

Link users directly to an email address, phone number, vCard, website, YouTube video, Facebook or Twitter profile.

2. Easy creation of a mobile landing page optimised for smartphones linked to the QR Code

Link your QR Code to a custom mobile web page.

Customise the mobile web page by choosing colours and adding graphics and logos that promote the business.

Include links to the promoted website, phone, email, Facebook, or Twitter to make it easy for customers to get in contact.

Create a mobile business card that can be updated as often as you like.

3. Integration with major social channel

Easy integration of social media networks to broadcast the message a company wants to promote.

4. Email capture

Create new business leads by capturing email addresses.

5. Create marketing materials from templates

Choose from dozens of design templates or customise for a personalised look.

Integrated Marketing promotional platform to allow the customer to produce and order QR Code customised items.

6. Real - time analytics

Measure your success with real-time metrics like the number of QR code scans, total unique page views and email captures.

Download captured email addresses to use in email marketing campaigns.

Group and track multiple campaigns easily with folder management and reporting.

Download QR codes Brochure

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