QRCodes Benefits

1. QR Codes bridge the gap between offline & online media

They are easy to add to offline media such as flyers, business cards,
brochures, posters.

There is a lower risk that the customer will forget the company details, or forget about the offer. QR Codes can help the company to create a quick, easy and direct communication channel with the customer.

2. QR Codes enable sharing and building community

The company promotions or contact details can be easily shared and distributed quickly and cheaply. It is the word of mouth of the 21st century.

3. QR Codes for quicker and more efficient engagement & call to action

The company can have a direct channel that will help them to engage with the customer using personalised video, survey, or offers that can be used immediately in the shop.

4. QR Codes contribute to improve SEO and SMO

By using QR Codes to promote Webpage or Product offers, this will help your company to increase the web traffic to the specific offer or page and consequentially improve your Google rank performance.

5. QR Codes can be unique and branded

Today, companies can personalise the QR Code with their logo, colour, and make it unique. In this way they can create a consistent customer experience, and not lose their brand identity.

6. QR Codes can be effectively measured and quickly amended

Thanks to the live reporting connected to the QR Code scan action, the company can monitor, measure and amend every QR Code marketing campaign in real time.

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