Q1.  Do I have to pay for consumables with a credit card if I order online?

No, you can arrange for your online order to be invoiced. Call one of our advisors on 08444 992 992, Option 1 (sales enquiries), followed by Option 2 (ordering supplies), for details.

Q2.  What warranty do you offer on your photocopier toners? 

We offer a comprehensive two year warranty on our compatible toner products, to ensure complete confidence.

Q3.  Can I pay for my consumables order through my Purchase PowerSM account?

Yes, just mention to your advisor that you would like the order to be placed on your account and it will be added to your monthly invoice.

Q4.  I’ve got consumable supplies from my old Pitney Bowes equipment that are now incompatible with my new Pitney Bowes equipment, can I get a refund on these?

Yes, you can get a refund on any unopened boxes of consumable supplies that are returned to us within 12 months of their purchase,provided you are purchasing replacement products for your new machine. You must arrange for collection of any returns by calling 08444 992 992, Option 1 (sales enquiries), followed by Option 2 (ordering supplies), to ensure that they are suitable for return.  

We will arrange for their collection.  

The credit note should take 3-4 weeks to process after our receipt of the consumable supplies.