Q1. Is it possible to add postage to my meter outside of normal office hours?  

Yes, you can access the automated Postage by Phone system direct by calling 01279 641000 and selecting 555 to add postage.

You are able to refill through this automated system on Monday-Saturday, between 7am-8pm (excluding Christmas Day). Customer support is only available during normal working hours if you encounter any problems (Monday-Friday, between 9.00am-5.00pm, excluding public holidays).

Q2.  How do I check the postage balance on my meter? 

Payment in Arrears: You can check how much credit you have remaining on your Purchase PowerSM account as follows:

If you refill with a modem connection:

1. Select the 'Add Postage', 'Refill' or 'Funds' key (depending on model) 
2. Select 'Check PBP-Balance' or for PersonalPost™ and DM200™ / DM300™ Series equipment enter a '£0.00' postage refill.  
If you refill without a modem connection: call 01279 641000 and selecting 999 to check the value of your balance.

Payment in Advance: You can check the balance of your Postage by Phone account as follows: 

If you refill with a modem connection: 

1. Select the ‘Add Postage’, ‘Refill’ or ‘Funds’ key (depending on model)
2. Select ‘Check PBP Balance’ or for PersonalPost™ and DM200™/DM300™ Series equipment enter a ‘£0.00’ postage refill 

If you refill without a modem connection: call 01279 641000 and selecting 999 to check the value of your balance.  

Q3.  Is there a way to listen to the Setting Number again if I missed it?

Yes, just press 7* after the number and it will be repeated.

Q4.  When I’m in the automated postage refill system, is there a way I can be transferred through to an advisor? 

Yes, just press 0* and you will be transferred to a customer advisor.

Q5.  Can I change the monthly billing date on my Purchase PowerSM account? 

Yes. Just call a Purchase PowerSM agent on 08444 992 992 (Option 4) and we can arrange for your billing date to be changed to one that is more convenient for you. 

Q6.  Can I increase my credit limit on my Purchase PowerSM account?

Call a Purchase PowerSM agent on 08444 992 992 (Option 4) who will be able to advise you.

Q7.  I don’t want any unauthorised people to add postage to the meter, how can I control this? 

You can protect either this option or the entire equipment by activating the password protection facility or locking it with a key (depending on the model). Please refer to your user guide for information. Lost your user guide? Download a copy here

Q8. I pay for my postage in advance, why can’t I refill my meter even though I’ve paid my bill?

All payments need to be cleared before funds are available. BACS payments take 2 days to clear and should be accompanied by a remittance advice. Payments received without a remittance advice may take longer to clear. Direct Debit payments take 3-4 days and cheque payments take 3 days to clear.

If you don’t have any funds available in your Postage by Phone Account, and wish to refill, you may be allowed an advance. These advances are subject to charges, so please ask your Postage by Phone operator for further information.

Q9.  My equipment will not add postage to the meter, why is this? 

The most typical reasons are:

1. You are not connected to an analogue line
The following equipment require a telephone line in order to enable postage to be added to the meter: PersonalPost™ E725/726, DM50™/DM55™/DM100™/ DM200™/ DM300™/ DM400™/ DM500™/ DM800™ /DM900™ /DM1000™ Series.

Ideally, you need to provide a dedicated ANALOGUE telephone line, which should not have any blocks on numbers e.g. ‘08’ numbers. You should be able to hear a dialling tone when you lift the receiver. For further information, see question: How do I know if I have an analogue telephone line for my franking equipment?

2. You have no funds in your account
To pay for postage in advance, you will need to have paid your Proforma invoice to give you funds from which to draw. Please contact 08444 992 992 (Option 2).

3. Your billing account has not been processed.
To pay for postage in arrears, a Purchase PowerSM account will need to be set up. Please contact 08444 992 992 (Option 4).

Q10.  How do I know if I have an analogue telephone line for my franking equipment?

Generally telephone lines supplied by British Telecom and most cable companies are analogue. Similar to the one you have at home.

You may see a label or inscription giving the BABT Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) on the bottom of the phone.

Most fax machines, credit card readers or modems work from an analogue line. You can use the splitter supplied.

If you are still unsure, contact your telephone line provider or switchboard manufacturer. They should be able to advise what type of line you have. Your IT Department/Local Network Administrator may also be able to configure an analogue line for you.

Q11. Can I access my invoices online?
Yes, please log on to www.pbmyaccount.co.uk where you can register to view your invoices.