Q1.  I have a fault on my equipment, how long will it take to get it fixed?

Where possible, we will try to answer your questions over the telephone to minimise the amount of disruption and downtime caused by any difficulties. If the fault cannot be fixed over the telephone, an engineer will be dispatched to take a closer look.
Response time will depend on your maintenance/service plan:

PBInclusive– On average our target response time is next day, subject to level of demand. 
PB Mandatory Inspection - A physical inspection once a year and a remote inspection each time your meter is re-set. 
For further information on what your maintenance/service agreement includes, click here

Q2.  There have been a number of staff changes and I need some training for new staff on my Pitney Bowes equipment, can this be arranged?

Yes this can easily be arranged. Call one of our service advisors on 08444 992 992 for a quote.

Q3.  How long will the training take? 

Training will take place during installation and will last several hours, depending on the complexity of your equipment.