A Letter from Marc B. Lautenbach 
President and Chief Executive Officer

When I joined Pitney Bowes at the end of 2012, I knew that it was a company with immense opportunities and unique strengths. What I quickly learned is that those strengths are rooted in strong core values.

Time and again, I’ve experienced the power of our values to guide our behavior, fuel innovation and strengthen our connections with our clients and communities. At one level, I’ve seen how listening more closely to clients leads to deeper insights and better products. At another, I’ve experienced how our culture of engagement energizes people to perform at their best, whether inside the company or out in the community.

Our approach to corporate responsibility is grounded in these values. Being a good corporate citizen is both the right thing to do and a very good thing for our business. Our commitment to responsible practices strengthens every aspect of our company, from what we make and how we make it to how we sell it and support it to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients, employees, neighbours — everyone our business touches. It is the foundation for programs and policies on everything from diversity and inclusion, employee wellness and environmental stewardship to the work we do with our philanthropic partners to help children and families improve their lives through literacy, education and workforce preparedness. Ultimately, it underlies both who we are and how we are perceived.  

How we conduct ourselves with each other and with the world around us are key drivers of any company’s success. I am proud of our employees’ enthusiastic involvement in skills-based volunteering for community organizations. Last year, the equivalent value of their service contributions was nearly $2 million — to say nothing of the qualitative enrichment in the lives of the people they served, and their own personal and professional growth. By supporting such growth, we also grow stronger as a company.

For 94 years, our clients have placed their trust in us to help them navigate an ever-changing business landscape. Today, we help them by powering billions of transactions through offerings ranging from mail solutions and parcel shipping to global e-commerce and location intelligence. Making this happen is more than a matter of products and services. It also requires leadership and commitment.

Corporate responsibility is vital to how we do this. It’s where business strategy intersects with the qualities and values that matter to us as individual human beings. It’s a catalyst for triggering new realizations about the work we do, the ways we interact, and how we can reshape them to do even better for ourselves and everyone around us. It’s both an obligation and an inspiration. And it’s the essence of what makes Pitney Bowes a great company.

I am proud of the commitments our employees make every day to ensure that corporate responsibility remains the biggest part of who we are.


Marc B. Lautenbach
President and Chief Executive Officer