Create more profitable engagements by adding insight to every call.

Call Center Transformation

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While voice has remained as a widely used customer-engagement channel,  disparate data and technologies can make it difficult and time-consuming for agents to understand customer needs, access information and make appropriate decisions.  

Pitney Bowes makes it easy to build on current CRM capabilities with easy-to-deploy tools and capabilities.

Call-center transformation starts with visibility into customers, communications and preferences. Predictive analytics and real-time decisioning enable even new agents to automatically recommend the best-next-action. Then integrated, multichannel workflows continue this dialogue across every interaction.

Visibility into customers, communications and preferences
The more information you have about a customer, the more ways you can enhance your relationship. Real-time predictive analytics, automated decisioning, cross-channel interactions, personalized document creation and high-speed access to customer communications give you the details to truly engage customers and personalize every call.

Predictive analytics and real-time decisioning
Build on your existing CRM platform with an ability to interject highly personalized content-offers, notifications, invitations and alerts based on prior interactions.

Make every agent perform like your best agent - put real-time scoring and automated decisioning right at your agents’ fingertips and increase customer satisfaction and cross-sell opportunities. Advanced customer analytics help your call center focus on driving revenue with automated targeted best-next-action screen prompts.

Integrated, multichannel workflows
Automate your customer interactions to eliminate manual processes while increasing agent productivity and performance.

Quickly generate targeted, compliant outbound communications based on specific customer needs and profiles, and engage customers via mail, email or SMS. Eliminate the manual effort and costs associated with document and message preparation. Minimize the chance for errors and ensure adherence to branding and compliance controls.

Distinct WYSIWYG capabilities
Only Pitney Bowes enables agents to quickly create tailored, compliant customer communications in a browser-based, interactive environment. As the agent is creating the communication, they can see exactly how the communication will appear in the customer’s preferred delivery channel.

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  • Increase first-call resolution with more accurate, responsive service: Empower your call-center agents to quickly and easily engage each customer as an individual.

  • Deliver a highly personalized, cross-channel experience with speed and consistency: Automated insights help agents deliver a more insightful, efficient experience during and after every call.

  • Grow revenue with real-time insights and effective multichannel follow-up: Build on your existing CRM platform to create a smarter, more agent-friendly environment.