We do the right thing the right way: Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to responsible practices strengthens every aspect of Pitney Bowes. We are proud that our policies celebrate everything from diversity and inclusion to employee wellness and environmental stewardship.

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Our core value statement, “We do the right thing, the right way”, defines how we’ve chosen to conduct our operations and sets the tone for how we interact with our stakeholders. Employees of Pitney Bowes are committed to treating our clients, business partners, co-workers and communities where we live and work with fairness, honesty, respect and integrity. The company’s success as industry leader, employer, business partner and global citizen has been built on these commitments for more than 95 years. We are a member in good standing in the FTSE4Good Index, the responsible investment index sponsored by the FTSE Group. FTSE’s review of eligible companies focuses primarily on anti-bribery/anti-corruption policies and practices. 


Values and ethics

Our values define us as individuals and as a company. Our approach to corporate responsibility is grounded in shared values. That’s proven to be a source of great strength for Pitney Bowes throughout our history.

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Risk and business continuity

We have a responsibility to our people and our clients to ensure the continuity of our business during times of crisis. We have robust systems in place to identify, prioritise and mitigate risk. This includes financial and sustainability risks.

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Pitney Bowes is committed to protecting the privacy of personal and sensitive information. We have processes and systems to protect privacy while ensuring information security. We protect the confidentiality of employee communications on sensitive matters. Our products and services are designed to: Minimise privacy risks, meet our regulatory and legal obligations and build trust in our solutions.

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To help advance our business objectives, Pitney Bowes participates in the public policy and political process in the United States in a variety of ways. We believe our activities are in our shareholders’ best interests as well as the interests of the broader marketplace.

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Pitney Bowes has a long tradition of environmental responsibility, and each year we seek ways to further reduce our environmental footprint. Over the past 50 years we have worked to minimise our waste streams, expand on our use of returnable/reusable packaging designs, maximise the use of water-based inks, use partnerships to improve the recovery of equipment for reuse, recycling and end-of-life stewardship, employ innovative, responsible waste management vendors, and manage the remediation efforts from legacy site contamination. 


Product stewardship

Our products are designed for a long lifetime of use, reuse and recycling. We started our product take-back programme 50 years ago, and since then we have recovered millions of pounds of equipment and components. We have also worked steadily to increase sales of “green” products.

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Energy conservation

We monitor energy consumption in our fleets, facilities and operations, and we research and apply conservation measures to reduce consumption. We calculate and publicly report on our carbon emissions, and in 2015 we met a five-year, 15% reduction target which was established in 2012, three years ahead of schedule. As a result we established a further five-year, 8% reduction target to guide our energy and GHG programmes. We use every means available to help achieve our reduction target through process improvements, employee awareness and site consolidation.

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Environmental performance

We report our carbon emissions, product stewardship and recycling and waste avoidance tonnage. We do not report on hazardous wastes, air emissions or waste water discharges, as these waste streams have become either not applicable or negligible in magnitude. Our manufacturing processes consume no water, emit no air pollutants that would require a permit, and produce no hazardous wastes, though very small amounts of wastes are generated by secondary operations such as hand cleaning and touch-up repair. 

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Environmental product compliance

From equipment design and partner selection to packaging, distribution and end of life, we monitor worldwide compliance with domestic and global regulations regarding environmental product content, reporting, registration and recovery.

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At Pitney Bowes, we value our employees. Our success depends on their commitment to our clients and our company. We are committed to helping our employees develop. We are proud to embrace a culture of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We strive to provide a safe workplace and actively help our employees to pursue healthy lifestyles. 

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our culture and critical to our success. Our diversity helps us to:

  • Understand markets
  • Connect with clients
  • Develop innovative solutions
  • Attract and retain outstanding talent

We embrace diversity in every area of our business and at every level of our organisation. We take an inclusive, global view of diversity which encompasses the full range of differences that distinguish us as individuals, from race and gender to language, culture, experience, skills and perspectives. 

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We believe strongly in a culture of innovation, learning and engagement. Our employees’ commitment, passion and energy drive innovation and client value. That, in turn, drives our growth and financial success. We seek to engage employees through challenging work assignments, career development opportunities and programmes that promote personal and professional growth.

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Health and wellness

Employees who take action to manage their health are happier and more productive. We encourage employees to do this through a health-focused culture that supports and promotes healthy actions whether employees work on-site, mobile or at home. We offer affordable access to care, and we provide a range of engaging, informative programmes to make it easy for employees and their families to lead healthier lifestyles.

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Pitney Bowes values the safety of our employees, and we are committed to an injury-free workplace. We work continuously to identify, control and eliminate hazards. Our organization has adopted an EHS Management System that establishes the basic principles for a sustainable program. That enables the monitoring line-of-business performance. We engage our employees in helping us provide for a safe and healthy workplace by completing required training, serving on site-level safety and ergonomic committees and participating in incident investigations as needed.

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Serving clients is our highest priority. By putting clients first, we benefit all our stakeholders. From product design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and support to the ways we manage our supply chain and other external relationships, this principle of service is always applied.

Working with clients

We are in business to help our clients succeed. With that said, client satisfaction is fundamental to our success. We work continually to:

  • Improve our products and processes.
  • Simplify our clients’ experience.
  • Strengthen our dialogue.
  • Align our resources, standards and performance metrics on a global basis.

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Working with suppliers

We are committed to the highest standards of product quality and business integrity in our dealings with suppliers, including:

  • Ensuring that working conditions in our supply chain are safe.
  • Workers are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Manufacturing processes are environmentally and socially responsible.

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Supplier diversity

We believe that a diverse supplier base strengthens our business and creates competitive advantage. We seek to build relationships with diverse businesses that share our innovative, client-focused approach. Through our programmes and policies, we create opportunities for diverse suppliers to compete for our business.

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Conflict Minerals Reporting

Our Form SD and Conflict Minerals Report disclose the supply chain due diligence we undertook in 2015. It determines whether any minerals used in our products originated in the DRC.

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We are dedicated to helping to improve the well-being of our communities. This commitment is part of our core values and is embraced and supported by our employees across the globe.

Literacy and education

We focus our philanthropy on literacy and education, essential contributors to the growth of healthy individuals, strong communities and a vibrant economy. We support programmes for children, families and teenagers that encourage reading, help close the academic achievement gap, prepare people for successful employment, and enhance the capability and opportunities of the future workforce. 

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Local community support

We also address critical community needs through support of disaster relief efforts and organisations that provide access to health and human services.

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Employee involvement

We take special pride in the enthusiastic contributions of Pitney Bowes employee volunteers who donate thousands of hours each year to help community and partner organisations in this work. We are delighted to support their diverse volunteer interests with volunteer grants and to deepen their charitable donations through the Pitney Bowes Foundation matching gifts programme.

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See our Global Reporting Initiative report for 2015.

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