Health and wellness

All across the world, we provide programmes and resources to support and motivate our employees and family members to be healthy and energised. We make it easy for employees to take charge of their well-being through:

  • Free nutrition programmes
  • Fitness programmes
  • Stress management programmes
  • Back health and ergonomic programmes
  • Free preventive care screenings and more.

We offer affordable access to health care and provide information and resources to help employees make good health choices. Our medical plans provide specialised resources and services such as maternity management and a nurse hotline. We partner with outside vendors to offer benefits such as free financial counselling, and work and life resources for employees and their family members.

Our global wellness programmes attract thousands of employees around the world. In 2015, our ninth annual one-day walking event, “Pitney Bowes Employees Are One in a Million Day”, drew more than 4,000 participants from 15 countries to 79 group walk locations, where they walked a total of over 38 million steps. The event, held every May, kicks off our Global Employee Health and Fitness month. It also starts our eight-week walking programme, “Get Moving around the World”, in which teams of 10 compete against one another with a goal of 10,000 steps a day, for prizes including popular fitness trackers. This year’s teams reached a total of over 150 million steps.

Our wellness programmes provide a range of options to help employees and families sustain healthy lifestyles. Our programmes have repeatedly earned national recognition for excellence. For the last ten years, the National Business Group on Health® has honoured Pitney Bowes with its Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles Award®. And for the last three years, we have also been recognised as a Healthy Workplace Employer by the Business Council of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

In a recent survey, 89% of employees said the wellness programmes of Pitney Bowes have made a positive impact on their life, and 97% agreed that the programmes help make Pitney Bowes a great place to work.

Improving access to care

Our five on-site medical clinics in the US provide free access to roughly 20 percent of our employees. In 2015, our clinics recorded 37,366 total patient visits/encounters, up from 33,000 in 2014. More than 2,500 employees took advantage of clinic health screenings for skin and breast cancer, vision, hearing, blood pressure and biometric screenings. Other clinic offerings include workshops on topics such as sleep disorders, smoking cessation, back health, parenting, elder care and CPR certification. In addition, our clinicians are frequent guest speakers at national conferences on subjects such as “The Culture of Health at Pitney Bowes”, “Integrating Telemedicine with Clinics” and “Health Concerns for Agile Workers”.

Last year our US clinicians also reached out in other ways, including on-site medical support at the Annual Sales Conference, offering flu shots to employees right in their own departments, updating the company’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan and expanding our Travel Medicine Programme. In 2015 CDC alerts were added to Pitney Bowes travel itineraries. We also supported the company’s IMPACT 2017 team with stress reduction seminars, travel medicine assistance, vaccinations and a variety of destressing activities. Participation in biometric screenings rose to 11,155, up 26% from two years earlier, with counselling provided to employees with abnormal screenings at no cost.

Beyond the reach of the clinics themselves, 14% of US employees and family members are enrolled in Amwell, our telehealth service. This programme provides virtual access to a network of doctors and providers, including the Pitney Bowes medical staff. In addition to direct one-on-one consultation at home, the programme also includes a mobile app for use while travelling.

We’ve got your back

Back discomfort and injuries affect 80% of adults. Our We’ve Got Your Back programme helps prevent these issues by making healthy practices fun for employees and family members. Using a game format, the programme focuses on improving everyday ergonomics, performing stretching and strengthening exercises, adopting prevention strategies and learning best practices for dealing with injuries. Launched in 2014, the programme now has an enrolment of nearly 500.

Photos from our recent event: One in a Million Day

Making good health simple

We offer a wide range of programmes and services to help employees and family members live healthier lives. Our wellness and benefits website,, offers a wealth of programmes, including guidance on matters ranging from health and wellness to financial planning, including the best strategies for taking advantage of company benefits. More than 1,000 employees have participated in our eight-week Get Moving Around the World challenge, with an average weight loss of eight pounds (one Body Mass Index point) and more than half of the participants exceeding US physical activity goals of 150 minutes a week. More than 3,000 have taken part in our Change One weight loss programme, with 73% of return participants maintaining at least a 10-pound weight loss.

Work and life resources

Where feasible, we encourage flexible working arrangements to help employees manage the demands of work and home. For several years, our Agile Work programme has enabled employees to reduce the time and expense of commuting while working efficiently from multiple locations. In addition, our SitterCity® and Culture Au Pair benefits help US employees locate caregivers, whether for a child, ageing adult, pet or house. We also provide tools to help employees develop flexible working proposals. In addition to telecommuting, flexible options may include compressed work weeks, part-time assignments and variable work schedules. For US employees, Your Life Resources (a work and life assistance programme available through Value Options®) offers information and services on counselling, summer camps, child and adult daycare and much more.

Building resilience

It’s well known that stress can cause or aggravate numerous health conditions ranging from heartburn and muscle aches to obesity and diabetes. To help reduce these effects, we offer free, confidential telephone counselling and stress management sessions to employees and family members. In addition to weekly Dial Ohm call-in sessions, a library of pre-recorded guided meditations provides a brief, guilt-free opportunity to relax, refresh and recharge anywhere, any time. In 2014, we launched a resiliency workshop series offered live or by recording, depending on location.

Serving clients is our highest priority. By putting clients first, we benefit all our stakeholders. From product design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and support to the ways we manage our supply chain and other external relationships, this principle of service is always applied.