Pitney Bowes is committed to protecting the privacy of personal and sensitive information. We continue to update and enhance our processes and systems to protect client, employee and company data. We build privacy into the design of our products, give clients choices about the information they share and are transparent about how their data is used. We also adhere to applicable law and regulations regarding client, partner and employee personal information moving across geographical and jurisdictional borders. Our goal is to foster innovation and trust in the evolving digital economy by minimising privacy risks, meeting our regulatory and legal obligations and practising data stewardship.

We require all Pitney Bowes employees and partners to follow our comprehensive policies for the protection of privacy and adherence to data protection law and regulation. Our data privacy programme is managed by our Chief Data Protection Officer and overseen by the Data Protection Committee, which represents all lines of business and major functions. Our privacy risks and mitigation plans are reviewed annually by the senior management Risk Steering Committee as well as the Governance Committee of the Board of Directors (as part of our corporate enterprise risk management programme).