Say goodbye to lost or misplaced packages and say hello to SendSuite Tracking Online

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SendSuite Tracking Online is a SaaS based solution. It automates the process of logging, tracking and managing of packages and important mail coming into your organisation. That saves you time and money. Plus, SendSuite Tracking Online makes your entire receiving process more accurate and efficient.

  • Reduce time and errors from manual logging of incoming items.
  • Reduce time spent searching for confirmation of deliveries.
  • Provide accountability and full chain of custody of important packages to ensure delivery to the correct recipient.
  • Increase customer service with faster and more accurate responses to questions on status and location of deliveries.
  • Track and manage packages within a single facility, or among multiple locations.
  • Grow with your organisation, with the ability to easily add users or features
SendSuite Tracking Online

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Take control of inbound packages: track, monitor and deliver with confidence

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