The Flats Sorting Solution for the Competitive Environment

VariSort Mixed Mail Sorter

The versatile Pitney Bowes VariSort™ Mixed Mail Sorter efficiently processes a wide range of flat mail - from clean to complex, bound printed matter such as magazines and catalogues, small parcels, poly wrap and even misshapen pieces - in addition to standard sized mailpieces.

Sort more mail types with fewer exceptions higher efficiency

In postal processing a key objective is to minimise exceptions and maximise your ability to say “yes” to customers. Our new flats sorter’s unique industry leading technology makes it versatile. Choose between an automatic feeder and/or single or dual manual feeders to accept an unprecedented range of mail thicknesses and types.

You can sort pieces up to 25mm thick through the Automatic Feeder. For even greater range thicknesses up to 38mm can be sorted using the Manual Feeder.

You’ll be able to sort more mail types - including padded corrugated and Tyvek® envelopes magazines (both tabbed and untabbed) bounded print material misshapen pieces and most importantly poly wrap.

Reduce reflection. Improve productivity

For standard imaging a new OCR camera and brilliant LED lighting system combine to deliver a bright and sharp image to the OCR System that reads address information through virtually all mail piece surfaces – including highly reflective poly wrap. The result? A more automated throughput for those difficult to sort pieces.

Flexibility and modularity to configure your business for maximum profitability

Our new flats sorter is designed for fast scalability. You can roll up expansion modules and have them up and running in a few hours. Start out with the size and processing power you need today and quickly add more capacity when your business grows.

Less labour. Less space. Lower costs

The VariSort Mixed Mail Sorter places more pockets on a smaller footprint for labour-saving large-scale automated flats sorting in a smaller area. Its stacker section features tub presentation encoder-based tracking and a fully automated optional AutoTub bottom tier that requires no operator intervention.