DM130i Digital Franking Machine

DM130i Digital Franking Machine

Today, small businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible. Even daily, routine tasks need to be performed in a productive manner. The time has come to expect more from your current mail processing procedures. DM130i operates with a speed of 35 to 45 letters per minute.

The all new easy-to-use DM130i Series Desktop Mailing Systems will amaze you with their simplicity and convenient capabilities. Optional components provide the flexibility to configure a solution that meets your specific mailing requirements.

IntelliLinkTM Technology makes mailing easier.

Our cutting-edge IntelliLinkTM Technology is the gateway to new levels of productivity and makes the DM130i Series easier to use and efficient. Plus you can gain access to a suite of services that include postal rate updates software upgrades and you can even download new ad slogans postal inscriptions and logos. This ensures that your system keeps current and operates at maximum efficiency.

The DM130i Series desktop mailing systems deliver the following:

Key Features

  • Small space saving footprint
  • Quiet operation
  • Heavy duty scale platform that can handle parcels up to 35kg.

And there’s no need to sort mail into separate weights and sizes. The DM130i Series differential weighing will apply the correct rate to each item as it’s removed from the scales.

  • Replenish your funds with the touch of a button 24 hours a day.
  • User friendly control panel powered by IntelliLink™
  • Account management facility with up to 100 accounts.
  • Auto-dating and manual date advance
  • Handles letters and parcels
  • Optional Weighing Platform of 35kg
  • Print advertising slogans and messages on your mail
  • Flexible digital technology


  • Compact sleek design fits into the smallest of offices
  • Won’t distract your office
  • Process your mail in one compact unit no need for separate scales.
  • Fast efficient processing of all your mail in one go resulting in no interruption to your normal mailing procedures.
  • Minimises ink usage by reducing the number of purges by the print head.
  • Quick easy and hassle free.
  • No more time wasted queuing at the Post Office for stamps.
  • Learn to use your postage meter in only minutes.
  • Dedicated labelled keys allow for faster processing.
  • Manage your budget and accurately apply departmental cross-charges.
  • Eliminate returned mail due to misdating and get a jump on processing tomorrow’s mail by manually advancing the date.
  • Increase the likelihood of your mail being opened and read.
  • Turn every piece of mail you send into a promotional or revenue generating opportunity.
  • Adaptable for the future. Update the meter’s capabilities as your business grows.


  • Actual throughput will vary, depending on the material used, machine condition, use of moistener, etc
  • RMFS compliant
  • All the models are approved by Department of Post, Govt. of India

DPM Version#

Version 2

Speed of the machine (Cycles/min)

35 to 45

Print Value in Rs.

Rs. 0.00 - 9999.99

Weighing Capacity (Inbuilt & Integrated)

Upto 2.5 kg

Optional Weighing Platform (Interfaced)

Upto 35 kg

Article Sizes

Min: 127mm x 76 mm; Max: 381 mm x 330 mm

Postage; Slogan & Postal Tariff download

Through Intellilink

Date & Time Setting


Electronic Password (Alphanumeric)

Yes, 6 digit

Low Fund Warning


Low Ink Warning


Self Locking


User Accounts


Job memories


Date & Time Stamping (inbound mail)


Text message entry


Max. Article Thickness

9.25 mm

Power Supply

230 Volts 50 Hz


6.8 kg approximately

No. of Slogans (Advertise for free)


Time and date stamping



345 mm x 400 mm x 257mm