Erasing Data is fast and easy with Degaussers

HSD Mini Compact Degausser

Data is of vital importance to your organisation. Data retrieved from dismantled, mangled or previously thought destroyed hard drives can compromise the security of your entire
operation. That’s a risk not worth taking. To insure that security is not compromised,
you need to protect your data, even after you’ve:

  • Transferred data from one hardware source to another
  • Upgraded old hardware
  • Destroyed old hardware
  • Erased data that is outdated or no longer in use


  • Economical degaussing device.
  • Compact design for desktop use.
  • Built-in detectors for voltage.
  • Shielded, harmless to human and other magnetic devices.




Note: The above product is manufactured by HSD and marketed in India by Pitney Bowes India.