Useful for small to medium offices

Pitney Bowes Intimus 120 CC3

Useful for small to medium offices; this crosscut paper shredder has large working width and high catch basket volume of 120l.

The multi functional shredder destroys paper cds dvds floppy disks staples paper clips and credit cards. Integrated Auto Reverse Function for easy removal of jammed paper. User friendly thanks to i-control® function control User lock 2x2 cut & collect: separate cutting blocks for digital media incl. catchbasket It has innovative sound dampening principle and is more energy efficient.

  • Dustproof enclosed cabinet
  • Mounted on rollers for flexible use
  • Material: shock resistant plastic wood

Cutting size paper (mm)

3,8 x 36 mm

Cutting size digital media (mm):

8 mm

Security level


Security level DIN 66 399

P-4 / F-1 / O-1 / T-2

Shredding capacity 70 g/m²:

23-25 sheets

Cutting speed 70 g/m² (m/Sec.):

0,14 m/sec.

Cutting speed 70 g/m² (sheets/Min.):

680 sheets/min.

Shredding capacity 80 g/m²:

21-23 sheets

Cutting speed 80 g/m² (m/Sec.):

0,14 m/sec.

Cutting speeed 80 g/m² (sheets/Min.):

625 sheets/min.

Working width (mm):

310 mm

DIN paper size:


Catchbasket volume (l):

120 l

Power consumption (kW):

1,8 kW

Supply voltage (Volt):

230 Volt

Noise level:

< 57 db(A)

Weight gross (kg):

56 kg

Weight net (kg):

47 kg

Width (cm):

54 cm

Depth (cm):

40 cm

Height (cm):

98 cm

Note: The above product is manufactured by Intimus and marketed in India by Pitney Bowes India.