NSA-Listed Hard Drive Destroyer


The NSA-listed PD-5 physically destroys hard drives by bending, breaking, and mangling the hard drive and its internal components including the data platters. Using a rugged, stainless-steel crushing wedge, the PD-5 bends the data platters, preventing the hard drive from “spinning up” or the hard disk platters from being removed and placed on a spin stand used in laboratory data recovery techniques. The PD-5 also cracks the hard-drive housing, breaks the PC board, and smashes the read-write heads. Best for use after degaussing, the PD-5 ensures total hard drive destruction.

  • Listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List
  • 7+ tons of force bends, breaks, and mangles hard drives, including data platters and other internal components, preventing data recovery
  • Destroys up to 1,800 (2.5 in.) and 360 (3.5 in.) hard drives per hour
  • Destroys solid-state media, flash drives, USB thumb drives, cell phones, and SSHD controller boards when used with optional patented SSD-1
  • Destruction report capable when used with IRONCLAD or SCAN-1
  • Crushes multiple drives at a time
  • Total destruction in under 20 seconds
  • Robust crush chamber stands up to enterprise use
  • Quiet, office friendly design




Note: The above product is manufactured by Garner and marketed in India by Pitney Bowes India.