Client Success Services

Let’s increase operational excellence together.

Pitney Bowes Client Success Services has a legacy of helping clients maximise their solutions. Our consultancy, insight and implementation services are tailored to your unique needs and designed to deliver superior accuracy and precision. Our comprehensive coverage, innovative methodology and unparalleled knowledge help clients navigate the complex and evolving world of commerce. By working together, we can help you achieve more with your existing mailing operations.

Client Success provides expert consultative services to assess, recommend and implement solutions for sustained operational excellence and continuous improvement of technology, people and process. Our robust operational excellence tools and processes help drive improved productivity and client value. The Client Success team consists of professionals who have successfully run their own operations and have utilised a lean Six Sigma methodology in order to maximise efficiencies.

Designed to deliver increased value and achieve desired outcomes, consultancy services enable clients to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Create robust return on investment.
  • Discover new value propositions.
  • Transform culture for sustained operational excellence.   

Client Success uses data and industry insights to help you make intelligent business decisions that can improve your bottom line.

Performance and Productivity Programs

To better monitor and manage mailing operations, our Performance and Productivity programs advise clients on how to optimize production efficiencies in their transactional mailing environments. By gathering and understanding performance data, as well as developing action items, we can help you realize potential productivity improvements that can positively impact your end results.

Programs include:

  • Leadership training
  • KPI dashboard
  • Operator analysis 
  • Changeover analysis
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Operational planner

Performance Data Optimisation

Client Success subject matter experts are deployed to work directly with clients to help optimise the installed and configured data analytics software. Once software utilisation is optimised, the Client Success team specialist works with clients to increase understanding of the data and how to maximise its potential to improve productivity.

Note:  Data optimisation is a service for clients who have Pitney Bowes data analytics software installed in their operations (PIDA, DirectView™ and Clarity™).

Operational Assessment

To demonstrate the potential of achieving superior outcomes, Client Success performs an operational assessment at the work cell, site-wide or enterprise-wide level. By using a combination of data analysis, one-on-one interviews, workshop mapping and observation techniques, the assessment showcases the full potential and outlines a desired future state.

Operational assessments help clients to:

  • Increase equipment and operator productivity to optimise their ROI.
  • Transform culture for sustained operational excellence.
  • Create market differentiating value for themselves and clients.

Client Success implementation services help clients integrate recommended solutions into their transactional mailing environment to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Optimise ROI and minimise TCO.
  • Transform culture to one of sustained operational excellence.
  • Assist in delivering SLAs as well as results driven mail programs.

Implementation services are tailored specifically to each client’s work environment, desired outcomes and goals. They are typically tied directly to operational assessment recommendations. Our team of lean Six Sigma certified, experienced transactional mail industry professionals can lead your team through implementations to optimise your investments in technology, people and process.

Implementation services can include:

  • Short interval management
  • Change-over reduction
  • Just in time supply
  • CI & quality frameworks
  • Change and project management
Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency

Provide clients with valuable insight through data and operational analysis at a work cell, site-wide or enterprise level to improve operational efficiency.  

Improved Productivity

Improved productivity

Provide change management and implementation services to transform operational productivity performance.

Maximum Impact

Maximum impact

Assess, recommend and implement solutions that help clients drive sustained operational excellence to create maximum impact.

Accurate Results

Accurate results

Deliver solution assessments of your current environment and provide recommendations to help maximise ROI, improve productivity and enhance client value.