SendSuite® Tracking Online

Simplify your inbound package management.

SendSuite Tracking Online is a package receiving and tracking cloud-based solution designed to provide accurate status and chain of custody of your inbound packages. With our innovative package tracking software, time-wasting searches are eliminated. Plus, you’ll increase customer satisfaction.

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SSTO is a tracking tool for commercial, industrial and Government organisations and not suitable for individual members of the public.

SendSuite<sup>®</sup> Tracking Online

Simplify the tracking decisions you make and reduce the steps you take.

Experience the convenience of our cloud-based solution

Eliminate IT costs and delays. Automatically receive new features as soon as they are released.

No training required

Easy for anyone to use. Within 10 minutes of receiving your welcome email, you will be proficient and productive.

One barcode scan tracks your package across its entire journey

Scan each package one time and automatically enter all relevant information into the system, including: Carrier, tracking number, sender and recipient.

Receive email notifications

Reduce “where’s my package?” calls to your mailroom staff. You can send email notifications to internal recipients once a package has been scanned.

SendSuite Tracking Online subscription packages offer an unlimited number of transactions, users and recipients, enabling customers to scale as needed.  

Available in three subscription package levels:


Receive and Deliver

Enhanced Receive and Deliver


*Each subscription package provides instant reporting of all package transactions.

Receive package

Ideal for: Organisations in need of increased visibility of their incoming packages

The Receive subscription benefits organisations who want to automate their receiving process. Using one of the Pitney Bowes supplied scanning devices or via an enabled smartphone, package receipts are rapidly recorded.  An email is then automatically sent to the recipient notifying them of the package receipt.

By speeding up the receiving process and reducing the time spent responding to package tracking enquiries, mailroom staff can free up hours a week to spend on other critical tasks.

Receive and Deliver Package

Ideal for: Organisations in need of a more efficient, streamlined workflow due to a high volume of incoming packages

With the Receive and Deliver subscription package, clients can capture signatures on the delivery of a package to a recipient’s desk or on the collection of a package from the mailroom.  Having control of the end-to-end process and utilising the SendSuite Tracking Online daily performance dashboard enables mailrooms to properly manage service level agreements for their colleagues and departments.

Enhanced Receive and Deliver Package

Ideal for: Organisations in need of increased visibility of incoming packages and a more efficient, streamlined workflow

The top of the range subscription includes everything from our other subscription packages, plus the ability to:

  • Create and print their own barcode labels. Now, all inbound packages can be recorded and are traceable on the system, irrespective of whether they came with a carrier barcode or not.
  • Capture photographic images of a package. This is critical in the event that it has arrived damaged or open when received by the mail room.
  • Track company assets. Via our asset tracking workflow, a unique asset record is created. You can update this with ease as the asset moves throughout your organisation.  In short, you’ll always know the status and ownership of your valuable company assets.