Improve customer service with more accurate location data

Spectrum Location Intelligence Module

Create a true view of your data and increase customer satisfaction.

Geospatial Data Solutions

Knowing who and where your customers are is the first step to successfully establishing positive customer relations and an excellent brand reputation. Understanding the geographical distribution of your client base also allows you to make business decisions based on exact reliable data. This is where our geospatial data solutions can help.

Our geospatial data solutions can assist you in identifying key locations to target and also improve efficiencies within your company by providing you with accurate data. Using our geospatial data solutions will help you to gain a true view of your data and customers so you can solve even the most complex of business problems.

The benefits of our geospatial data solutions

The Spectrum Location Intelligence Module is part of our Spectrum Technology Platform and is the perfect option for businesses seeking to better understand or serve customers. Our powerful geospatial data solutions work in a number of ways helping you to gather essential business information so that your company can improve and grow.

Geospatial data solutions features include:

  • Boundary database - work out tactical inclusion or exclusion zones
  • Distance test - allows you to find the closest site to a given point
  • Flexible databases - choose the criteria most relevant to your business for example if a location is on a flight path or in a flood zone

Our geospatial solutions are simple to understand and easy to use yet consistently deliver outstanding results.

Read about the key features of our geospatial data solutions

Consider geospatial solutions for your business

Our geospatial data solutions software can enable you to drastically improve your business efficiency and streamline processes in a number of ways. It can help you to:

  • Identify key target markets
  • Confirm closest sites for customer service activities
  • Understand geospatial data
  • Verify locations
  • Plan for the future

Choose our geospatial data solutions for your business and you'll benefit from some outstanding features:

Powerful geospatial databases

We understand that no two businesses or even departments use spatial data in the same way. The Spectrum Location Intelligence Module provides you with a vast selection of key geospatial databases so you can choose the most appropriate one for your business needs.

These databases can help you to obtain a range of geospatial information to help you increase efficiency within your operations. For example our geospatial data software can enable you to determine whether a specific property is located in a flood zone, flight path or specific school district or near a mud slide area.

Precise location identification capabilities

The Spectrum Location Intelligence Module can provide you with precise data thanks to its Point-in-Polygon (PIP) capability. The software uses a spatial or geographic boundary database along with longitude and latitude coordinates to identify whether a specific location falls within, near the edge of, or outside of a specified area so you can plan your operations efficiently.

Closest site identification function

Our geospatial data solutions software can identify the nearest site to a specified location by using a location's latitude and longitude coordinates along with information derived from an extensive spatial database.

This can help you to improve your operations and customer service.  For example you can use it to quickly identify the closest repair facility to a customer's home or work address.