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Confirm’s flexible asset register allows us to quickly update asset information and audit it on request. The ability to collect and organise data to produce accurate records has been a real point of differentiation.
Philip Naulls, Operations & Maintenance Manager – Peninsula Link, Lend Lease

Simply Effective, 360° Asset Management

Confirm® is an enterprise asset management solution from Pitney Bowes Software specifically designed to empower public bodies with the insight to make informed decisions on repair, maintenance and investment for critical public infrastructure assets against tightly constrained budgets and timescales.

Confirm® enables stakeholders to make informed and accurate decisions on multiple asset types including: urban roads and highways, bridges, structures, parks and green spaces, trees, street lights, signage, street furniture, property, cleansing resources, refuse collection and management resources.

Confirm® users can opt to manage as much or as little of their asset portfolio as required while still benefiting from the significant ROI and efficiencies we expect to see from a fully capable enterprise solution.

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Online, Offline, Any Device

ConfirmConnect is a mobile asset management solution that delivers efficiency savings by enabling a real-time two way flow of information between the asset owner and the field workforce using the next generation of smartphones and tablet devices. ConfirmConnect provides organisations with up to date information on assets and maintenance activities allowing faster and more informed decision making.

ConfirmConnect allows inspectors, surveyors and work crews to spend more time in the field carrying out work activities using a single low cost device. Scarce resources are utilised efficiently and accountability is maintained at all levels.

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