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Customer Engagement

Maximising your customer communications with interactive personalised media and video

Liz Roche, Director, Product Marketing Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

When it comes to communication, people’s preferences tend to fall into one of three camps: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Those in the visual camp learn fastest when seeing something presented in front of them, whether it’s images or a technique; in the auditory group, it’s all about listening; and in the kinesthetic group, the focus is on acting and doing it yourself.

If you think about it, when most companies communicate with their customers, they’re typically employing one communication style at a time. For example, when a bill is sent to a customer in the mail, a business is tapping into visual communication and learning. Or take a customer service call centre, where a customer’s needs are being met through auditory communication alone.

We know that in this increasingly digital world, a customer’s demands are growing at an exponential rate. Customers want their voices to be heard whenever, wherever and however they want to communicate. As such, the modern-day marketer is tasked with effectively utilising a variety and combination of channels across the board – whether that’s email, direct mail, social media or the traditional call centre.

And it seems that marketers are picking up on that hint. According to the Direct Marketing News’ 2015 Response Rate Report, 65 percent of respondents are already using two or more media types in their marketing campaigns. But, is it enough?

 The Communications Trifecta

As the needs of customers change, companies will need to implement solutions that can simultaneously tap into each one of their customers’ preferred communications styles– auditory, visual and kinesthetic – to ensure that they’re communicating with their customers in the best way possible. 

Most communication vehicles don’t allow for companies to cover the communications trifecta in one go. But, there are solutions available that can allow customers to customise how they receive information to the way that they learn best.

Online EngageOne® Video is one such solution for improving customer engagement and experience, allowing companies to use customer data to provide the consumer with a chance to “self-serve” in a personalised and interactive way, whether it’s auditory, visual or kinesthetic.

The Year of the Video

You may have seen that 2015 has been dubbed by some as the year of video marketing. And for good reason. According to a recent study from eMarketer, the average U.S. adult spends nearly an hour on digital video daily. That’s a huge jump from 2010, when the average consumer spent virtually no time – just six minutes – watching digital video.

But, it’s not simply the fact that consumers are spending more time watching digital video that makes it such a critical medium. The majority of U.S. consumers actually perceive companies producing digital video as being more engaged with their customers (77 percent). What’s more, approximately seven in 10 said they had a positive impression of a company after taking time to watch a digital video.

EngageOne® Video takes digital video to another level. Most digital videos, like the hundreds of millions of hours of video watched daily on YouTube, are pre-recorded with static content that takes a one-size-fits-all approach to communications. EnageOne® Video, on the other hand, allows marketers to tap into the power of video to deliver communications that are personalised to each customer and can be manipulated by the viewer to fit their communication and learning style. That, in turn, brings big benefits back to businesses, which can see everything from lower customer service costs, to increased customer satisfaction and a boost to their bottom lines.

Learning, the Customer’s Way

Every customer is unique, and businesses are beginning to recognise the huge opportunity to cater to those unique needs. In a perfect world, a customer would reach out to a business through any channel, at any time of the day, and for any reason, and instantly receive a response that meets their immediate, personalised need.

The reality is that most businesses don’t have the ability to offer this level of experience, especially through channels that require a human response. Because of this, businesses can risk losing a significant percentage of their customers, for example, like those who simply need a quick and easy explanation to fully understand what they are buying.

EngageOne® Video addresses this need, accommodating different styles of communications and learning, and delivering a consistent video presentation to customers that is personalised, easy to understand and can be directly manipulated by the viewer. From customer engaged billing -- self-service videos that explain videos bills and statements – to virtual presentations and interactions, PIV is learning, the customer’s way.

By combining the communication style and cost-effectiveness of email, web, and direct mail, with rich, human interaction options similar to the call centre, EngageOne® Video allows customers to communicate the way that they do best and guide their learning process at their own speed – which makes for one very happy customer.

Bringing It All Together

For some businesses, taking on the demanding, modern-day customer is a daunting proposition. But, it doesn’t have to be. Marketers simply need to keep in mind the unique communication styles that each one of their customers might prefer – whether auditory, visual, or kinesthetic – and bring together a combination of channels to address those learning styles and preferences.

Solutions like EngageOne® Video, in particular, are unique in offering a single channel and dialogue that brings all of the channels together and caters to each and every one of your customer’s communication styles. It will continue to grow as a valuable channel for delivering relevant and engaging interactions across the customer lifecycle, which can ultimately improve customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs and increase the value of each customer.

To learn more about the power of EngageOne® Video for customer engagement, visit the Pitney Bowes Demo Site