A More Synchronised, Automated, Profitable Experience at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Customer Life-cycle Management

Download this Forrester report to learn about the use of analytics for enriching customer interactions, arresting attrition, increasing loyalty and maximising value.

Disparate technologies and silos of information can hinder a more engaging customer experience that today’s customers have come to expect. Organisations need effective ways to transform their assets into a “system of engagement” that can link insight with action and influence customer behaviour across the entire customer lifecycle.  

Pitney Bowes solutions for customer lifecycle management make it easier to cut costs and grow revenue with more effective customer acquisition, increased cross-sell and lower attrition.

Now you can quickly access, enhance and integrate insightful customer data across your enterprise and automate decisions on a customer-by-customer basis. Pinpoint customisation lets you systematically drive channel, content and formats across inbound and outbound engagements. Real-time customer analytics uncover areas of interest, predict and define ideal targets, and identify areas where specific engagements will drive desired results.


Data Management and Predictive Analytics at Every Interaction
Our suite of data management and predictive analytics solutions transform information from disparate sources into specific best-next-action recommendations for each customer, at each interaction – even if it happened just seconds ago. Rules-based engines, uplift modeling and instant updates drive messaging and delivery choices for a more strategic, synchronised experience across channels.

Consistent, Coordinated, Inbound, Outbound and Multichannel Communications
Our solutions drive more personalisation and relevance for customer content and messaging across print, web, call centres, mobile and IVR. You can act on a customer’s channel preferences and enable interactions to be true two-way communications.

Centrally managed templates and rules provide business units with more agility. Your teams will have total visibility into data, documents and interactions, while integrated marketing automation systematically guides every customer interaction, incorporating the latest insights in real-time.

Modular, End-to-End Capabilities from a Single Provider

Revolutionise your capabilities without replacing your existing infrastructure. Integrate our open, modular design to build a winning, end-to-end customer experience over time―by taking advantage of your existing legacy system investments.

Start with a specific process, interaction or department knowing you can expand the technologies deployed now to support more efficient, personalised interactions across your entire enterprise.

  •  Convert more prospects into profitable customers: In the age of the customer, marketers need to be more targeted and more relevant than ever before.

  •  Boost cross-sell and grow relationships: Inbound interactions, such as call-centre inquires and self-service, provide significant opportunities for cross-sell.

  •  Increase satisfaction with personalised service for less: Foster retention and long-term loyalty with customised customer experiences based on an individual’s needs and preferences.