Pitney Bowes is helping insurance companies to improve customer service, risk management and operational efficiency whilst achieving compliance excellence.

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Leading US healthcare insurer reduces administration and printing costs, delivering $15 million savings over five years

Barbican Insurance

The Risk Data Suite from Pitney Bowes Software has enabled Barbican to perform complex geographical risk analyses, based on a variety of perils, with pinpoint accuracy and in real time, something which is practically unheard of in the industry.

Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Limited

CGIC develops and implements a data warehouse with support from Sagent Data Flow by Pitney Bowes Software.

Markel International

UK-based insurer takes risk assessment to a whole new level

Willis Re

As a global reinsurance company whose clients take on risks in more than 150 countries, Willis wanted to implement the latest in location-based technologies to deliver an enhanced service to its clients, for whom profit margins on risk can depend on precise detail. The PBS Spectrum Technology Platform allows Willis to perform in-depth risk analysis on a corporate client's or insurer's book of business (exposure) and enhance their catastrophe modelling to produce more reliable results and risk estimations for hazards such as flood, wind, earthquake, explosion and bushfire.