Make more informed decisions with confidence, now and into the future

Due to the very different demographics of areas and sites within jurisdictions the services required by the community can be quite unique. As a result individual Councils need to assess supply and demand for services, where they need to be located and how many people they need to support, now and into the future. Central to this is the ability to handle vast amounts of continually changing data in order to ensure the very best result for the community.

Quality information is critical in making the right decisions

Planning for change within Local Government requires in-depth analysis of multiple factors. The key element of location has traditionally been difficult to include in this process. By integrating census data, an easy-to-use mapping interface and other existing council data, AnySite Australia from Pitney Bowes Software now facilitates an unparalleled level of site-based analysis.

This means that even non-GIS trained Council staff can answer questions such as:

  • Where should I put a new child care centre?
  • Where is the highest concentration of elderly residents with no access to public transport?
  • Why is there stress on Maternal and Child Health Care facilities?
  • What is the disadvantage level of the people within the vicinity of a hotel with a new Electronic Gaming Machine application?
  • How do people in X area travel to work?

Lessen The Hazard Impact – Provide Timely and Effective Response, Relief and Rehabilitation

If your goal is to make your community safer, how do you go about ensuring excellence in emergency management? At Pitney Bowes Software we have worked with Councils to help develop innovative and comprehensive emergency management solutions. AnySite Australia allows Councils to capture and maintain vital data for emergency management as well as access external data sources to facilitate timely and effective decisions for questions including:

  • What area will be impacted by this disaster?
  • Who within the impact area will need assistance?
  • Where should evacuees be sent?
  • How can relevant parties be contacted?

AnySite Australia allows location intelligence techniques to be combined with localised data, resulting in a highly effective emergency management solution specific to your municipality.