Pitney Bowes is helping retailers to maximise customer lifetime value through effective multi-channel communications and gain new market share by optimising store locations. Find out how:


Australian women’s fitness chain Contours needed a way to accurately map territories for its fast-growing base of franchisees. After implementing MapInfo Professional, the market’s most comprehensive location intelligence solution, it has significantly improved the quality and accountability of its site selection processes for franchisees.

Competition Commission

Pitney Bowes Software helps the UK Competition Commission gauge the impact of mergers and acquisitions on competition and consumer choice


In 2007, Denny’s Franchise Development group launched the Franchise Growth Initiative (FGI) to optimise its company restaurant portfolio while ‘seeding’ franchise growth in key markets. To help evaluate and identify which company¬operated units to sell to franchisees, Denny’s needed to develop a more efficient and effective method of assessing existing units.


Domino’s implemented a software solution that simplified territory identification and allocation, as well as improving the overall customer experience.

Goodlife Health Clubs

Pitney Bowes helped Goodlife develop a site selection system that delivered rapid evidence-based analysis and boosted confidence in decision making.

Hire a Hubby

Hire A Hubby wanted to combine territorial franchise maps with local demographic data to build a better picture of the prospective customer base within each territory and to help prove its value proposition.  


While OfficeMax achieved substantial growth, the real estate team knew that a more  strategic approach was required  to support future expansion  plans in an increasingly  competitive environment.

Promoz Direct

Promoz Direct needed to identify the best merchant clusters (areas with a high number of retailers within close proximity to each other) and the most efficient route plan for its staff. Using a combination of desktop software and data products from Pitney Bowes Software, including MapInfo Professional and AnySite Australia, Promoz Direct was able to geocode their merchant address information and analyse it geographically to effectively target merchant clusters and locations.

Reach Media 

Reach Media needed an easy-to-use mapping solution that would quickly and accurately create and manage projects for the targeted delivery of unaddressed marketing material. 


Norsk Rikstoto, established in 1982 and with a turnover surpassing EUR 400 million a year, is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting equine sport gaming. The company needed to develop a strategy for growth by increasing customer lifetime value whilst also providing an enhanced customer experience. Through implementing Portrait Dialogue (PD) and Spectrum Miner (PM) Norsk Rikstoto was able to fully automate the processing of new online customers, saving time and money, whilst ensuring that customers receive personalised and relevant communications. The project delivered a ten-fold ROI within 10 months.  


Schwan’s Home Service, the home delivery business of The Schwan Food Company, has nearly 500 sales and distribution centres in the United States. Given the vast scope of business, it needed to manage thousands of customer records entering their system per day. Records are entered from various touch points as customers place orders online, by phone, or directly from the Customer Service Manager at their doorstep. With multiple customer touch points, it was easy to overwhelm the system with duplicate customer records. 

Recognising this process presented significant challenges for coordinating orders and scheduling deliveries, the company implemented the Pitney Bowes Software Spectrum™ Technology Platform to match, de-duplicate and consolidate customer data into a single, comprehensive customer record.  

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers required a location intelligence solution to help in the identification of potential business expansion areas and suitable meeting venues for its customers and team leaders.