Financial Services

Financial Services institutions have faced challenging times in recent years. Retail banks and other financial services organisations need to gain a 360 degree view of their customers.


Solutions for effective risk and exposure management, customer retention and acquisition, communications and data management and enrichment.

Natural Resources

Helping organisations manage the discovery, evaluation and development of natural resources.

Public Sector

Helping Local and Central Governments to cut costs by improving citizen communications, public service delivery and asset management whilst ensuring public safety and contingency planning.


Utilities are under pressure from competitors, regulators and customers to provide better service. Shareholders are also demanding better financial performance. In an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Retailers are challenged with meeting the needs of the empowered, socially connected consumers. The traditional brick-and-mortar sites while needing to provide and improve experience must run cost efficiently while integrating with a multichannel strategy.


Across the telecommunications industry the same challenges arise again and again. Get smarter answers to problems like how to acquire and retain customers, ensuring the best possible return from Network Infrastructure investments, and how to reduce operating costs.