Confirm® - AMS

Add speed, simplicity and savings to infrastructure management. Capture, repair and maintain every asset with our end-to-end enterprise asset management solution (AMS).


Maximise the lifecycle of every asset, on time and on budget.

Work smarter

Prioritise every project. Get the right crew to the right place at the right time, with the right instructions, materials and equipment.

Stay safer

Maintain a healthy and efficient infrastructure by predicting and preventing failures. Optimise timing of treatment and renewal, and respond efficiently to any emergencies. 

Control costs

Reduce administrative overheads, while implementing strategies to extend asset life and make better informed repair/replace decisions.

See more

Monitor the condition of every asset and make data-driven decisions in real time. Measure performance to analyse the impact of maintenance strategies.

Confirm® Asset Management System and Asset Maintenance Management System

Enterprise-wide benefits

  • Manage more asset types, more efficiently
  • Streamline workflows
  • Optimise budgets and staffing
  • Track performance and expenditures
  • Respond to citizen enquiries in real time
  • Simplify contractor management

Asset capture, inspection & condition

  • Centralised, flexible asset register
  • Support for any asset type
  • GIS mapping
  • Condition surveys and performance management
  • Citizen enquiry management
  • CRM integration

Asset maintenance & work order management

  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • Work crew management and scheduling
  • Work order costing, billing and invoicing
  • Contract management
  • Financial systems integration
  • Comprehensive status reporting & dashboards
  • Integration with contractor systems

Asset management

  • Asset condition, valuation and depreciation
  • Asset risk assessment
  • Asset lifecycle costing
  • Future budget vs. asset service level planning
  • Repair vs. replace decisions
  • Financial system integration
  • Future works costing

Value-added modules


Maximise your efficiency. Real-time, bi-directional information flow via mobile device minimises paperwork and lets skilled workers stay in the field longer.

  • Manage enquiries, inspections and work crew activities on site
  • View and progress scheduled jobs
  • Record status and cost of maintenance activities
  • Download all relevant asset data for condition surveys
  • Survey existing assets and create new assets on the spot
  • Supports photography and Bing® Maps integration


Unsurpassed workforce visibility and control via an easy to use, map-based interface.

  • Real-time workforce prioritisation
  • Effective field resource management
  • Visual, intuitive tools
  • Simple, drag-and-drop work scheduling and route optimisation
  • Travel time and cost calculations for crews

Strategic Asset Management

Our powerful analysis and decision support tool helps predict future needs, compare maintenance scenarios, optimise budgets and maintain performance. 

  • Network level, probability-based long term planning
  • Lifecycle modelling and management for any asset
  • Business case analysis for asset maintenance
  • Flexible, multi-year impact forecasts