Introducing mail. Simplified.

Connect+® 500W

Automate and simplify the processing of all sizes of mail and gain complete creative control over the advertising messages that appear on your envelopes.

A great option for businesses of all sizes, the Connect+ 500W is a durable mailing solution that makes communicating with your customers easier.

The Connect+ 500W automates and simplifies the processing of non-uniform mail to meet critical deadlines with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. The system makes the whole mailing process easier by allowing larger stacks of mail to be automatically weighed, sized, and processed according to Postal rules. The Connect+ 500W will help you minimise costs and maximise mail acceptance.  

Not only does it automate and speed up your mailings, it also turns your mail machine into your very own advertising platform.  The Connect+ 500W offers you a fast and easy way to add return addresses, promotional messaging, and your company logo on each envelope you send maximising the openability of your mail. Full colour envelope printing is available with the Connect+ 500W. Simply upload your own images or use one of our pre-populated options.

  • Productive Operations – fast speeds and hands-free operation
  • Large Envelope and Parcel Ready – handle small and large parcels at the best rates
  • Easy to Use - minimise steps with intuitive user controls
  • Durable – extended performance and long life
  • Connect+ Analytics – manage, track and report postage spending
  • Flexible Printing – including envelope colour printing, job templates, download graphics from any PC, left-justified printing for Return Addresses, MyGraphics Support
  • WOW (Weigh-on-the-Way) with Shape Based Rating
  • High Capacity Feed Deck
  • Seal and Meter up to 15.87mm thick mail
  • Roll Tape – adhesive, easy-peel
  • Integrated Weighing Platform – supports letters and parcels
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Display – rating and processing selections