The most flexible, high speed cutter to master high page count productivity

HPI-72C High Speed Cutter

The HPI-72C is a high speed cutter that delivers increased throughput, productivity and mailpiece integrity for the high page count applications. It fuses patented designs with servo technology to process up to 72,000 sheets per hour - one of the industry's highest paper processing speeds.

Flexibility and Power

The HPI-72C streamlines your workflow. It supports "chip cut" applications across page creaks and can run up to 72,000 sheets in a single, uncomplicated print stream.

Increase Profitability and Operational Performance:

  • Process high page count applications faster:- up to 72,000 sheets per hour.
  • Lower your cost per mailpiece.
  • Increase operator productivity with a load-and-go design.
  • Maximise uptime with servo motors that deliver consistent high speed.
  • Reduce maintenance scheduling and associated costs with servo motors.
  • Achieve SLAs faster to grow customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Expand revenue opportunities with greater volume flexibility and high speed processing.