Gain Competitive Advantage

Pitney Bowes Mail System Outputs

Pitney Bowes offers a variety of output options to reduce postal rates, improve operator productivity and speed mail production or presentment. Our output selection lets you operate with total integrity and accuracy in both the transactional and direct mail high volume environments.

Pitney Bowes' Outputs are geared to meet your everyday business needs

  • Achieve total accuracy and add to quality control by diverting incomplete or damaged pieces for reprocessing.
  • Deliver powerful customer communications using ink-jet addressing to apply addresses and 1-to-1 marketing messages on your mailpieces.
  • High speed processing of mixed-weight mail in a single mail stream with Weigh-on-the-Fly™ to reap postal savings and maximum productivity.
  • Increase operator productivity using the high capacity output conveyor, which substantially reduces repetitive finished mail removal. Thousands of envelopes can be stacked on the conveyor before unloading is required.
  • Reduce operator labour with the on-edge stacker, which stacks mail upright to maximise space and facilitates easy movement from the conveyor to mail bags or trays.
  • On-edge marking maximises operator productivity by applying visual ink marks to signal post-code breaks for faster processing and mail bag or tray delivery.
  • Our bundler/bagger system neatly bands pre-counted volumes of finished envelopes or bundles by postcode. Bundles are then automatically placed into bags for direct transfer to the post.
  • Frank your mail ready for the post with meters, adding postage at the end of production.