Drive your inserter performance

UW6 Unwinder Input Solution

The UW6 Unwinder is the perfect complement to our range of High Productivity and Advanced Productivity Inputs. Only this roll input solution is specifically integrated with Direct Connect to improve productivity, job quality and provide operators with a single point interface for easy operation.

 UW6 Unwinder Flexibility

  • Increases productivity by eliminating unplanned stops.
  • Improves job quality by reducing spoilage.
  • Processes pin or pinless applications.
  • Provides alternative roll solution.
  • Replaces any competitive roll input in a non-integrated configuration.

Direct Connect Integration Increases Operator Productivity

  • Operator friendly interface is easy to use.
  • Current run and error conditions are displayed on the Direct Connect control system screen.
  • Provides enhanced inserter control for starts and stops with high speed cutter inputs.