Pitney Bowes white paper backs DM print

Monday, 17 December 2012

Pitney Bowes is backing printed direct mail with a new white paper outlining how new DM techniques and technology can help mail houses stay on top of the multi-channel direct marketing hierarchy.

The direct mail print and finishing equipment manufacturer’s white paper, The Direct Answer, was released on 13 December and not only champions the value of printed mail in the business marketing mix but also investigates five strategies that can help mailers increase their DM returns.

“Direct mail continues to be one of the most cost-efficient and effective communications tools available for customer engagement,” says Grant Miller, Pitney Bowes’ vice president, global strategic product management of Document Messaging Technologies. “By employing the right direct mail strategies and solutions, mailers can deliver more personalized, relevant and timely messages to create customer experiences that can break through the clutter and motivate prospects to act.”

The white paper says:

Direct mail has emerged as one of the top choices for organisations looking to increase sales revenue. It is also a channel consumers’ trust, with 60 per cent of consumers preferring direct mail for marketing messages

Businesses know that direct mail remains one of the most cost-efficient communication tools available for customer engagement…81 per cent of consumers say they read or at least scan their direct mail.

The white paper also explores several strategies, using new or recent mailing technology that can help mailers their direct mail returns on investment, including automating pre-sort to achieve higher postage discounts, using QR codes and personalisation to boost open rates and responses, and making the most of something as simple as colour printing to increase the impact of printed DM communications.

For Michelle Sheehan, director of Marketing and Business Development at Pitney Bowes Australia, printed direct mail remains an effective and vital part of the local market’s marketing mix.

“If you look at marketing from a multichannel perspective, when you make sure that mail gets the lead, the response rates are the best,” says Sheehan. “You tend to find people are more likely to open it.”

Sheehan also says that the digital technology that is now available and used in the local DM sector has played a big part in the continued effectiveness of printed and mailed marketing communications.

“I think digital print and digital finishing is a marketer’s dream because it allows for highly personalised content which is more relevant to the recipient,” she says. “You can get really creative now with all your digital capabilities and there are so many more technologies now you can incorporate into it.”

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