Gain insight by eliminating the cost, risk and effort of physically combining different data sets.

Spectrum Data Federation

To gain insight on your customers, you need to traverse multiple data sources that often don’t easily work together. With Data Federation, you can democratize access to information without the risks associated with physically combining those sources.

With customer information fragmented across different on-premise and cloud locations, it can be difficult to gain a more complete customer centric view by combining traditional data stores with new sources of information.

The Spectrum Data Federation Module allows you to create an abstracted virtual data source. This provides a unified access to diverse heterogeneous data sources through a uniform user interface.

With this user interface, you can collate the data, then organise it as a specific representation of your business model.

Working with federated views of your information removes the risk and effort of physically moving data. You can also making changes to the existing data stores that supply your business applications without issue.

  • Create virtual copies of data
  • Access data anywhere through standard interfaces
  • Query across multiple data sources
  • Access data through connectors for many non-RDBMS systems
  • Expose Spectrum data flows through JDBC / ODBC
  • On demand data processing