Older lady sitting in a wheelchair looking through the window and a nurse behind her

Keep your residents and staff safe with a LobbyTrac™ visitor management system

Mitigate security risks at your aged care facility.

Watch how you can seamlessly keep your facility safe.

LobbyTrac provides a secure and easy way to manage visitors, contractors, and casual employees at your facility.

Keep your residents and staff safe, while giving families peace of mind that their loved ones are in secure hands.

LobbyTrac is a self-service sign-in system that can help you maximise the safety of residents, staff and visitors while minimising the security risks to your facility.

  • Enable compliance with government requirements such as COVID-19 visitor restrictions and flu vaccination.
  • Better traceability of visitors both current and past, thanks to real-time reporting functionality.
  • Contactless sign-in via a pre-registration option which enables barcode access to your site rather than physical check-in.
  • Improved safety and security of residents, staff and visitors.
  • Automatic notifications of visitor’s arrival to relevant staff member(s).

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