Each year New Zealand’s worksafe inspectors carry out 12,500 proactive workplace visits to assess workplace health or safety issues in organisations.

For more information go to: worksafe.govt.nz/managing-health-and-safety/workplace-inspections


Watch how you can seamlessly and securely manage your visitors.

Your new, all-in-one, self service security solution

LobbyTrac provides a seamless solution for managing visitors, contractors, and casual employees at any of your sites.  Its intuitive step-by-step instructions simplifies the sign-in/sign-out process by capturing and storing all the pertinent information to a secure database. This enables real-time reporting and greatly enhances existing processes.

Small footprint

With a sleek and modern design, LobbyTrac takes minimal space for installation. Set it up as an automatic, self-service site.

Electronic notifications

The notification feature alerts employees about visitor’s arrival via email or SMS. Plus, barcoded check-in information can be emailed to visitors ahead of time, making the scheduling of groups and special events hassle-free.

Real-time reports

In the case of emergency situations, a real-time report can be remotely produced from the cloud-hosted model to inform you of who is on the site and how to contact them.

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