MapInfo® Pro v2019

Location-based decisions: Explore, model and act with confidence.

Enhance your location analytics with expanded search and spatial analysis capabilities, map publishing tools and customised apps that are released and updated continuously. With MapInfo Pro v2019, bring analytics to life and solve your specific business needs better than ever before.

MapInfo Pro v2019

Update your capabilities with our new, powerful tools.



Find, segment and update your data faster and easier with the new SQL Window:

Users can build and save SQL statements and MapBasic scripts. This helps to increase productivity by building, running and reusing scripts.







Enhance your location analytics with customised apps in the Marketplace:

Customised apps are released and updated continuously to help you solve your specific business needs. Need imagery of a specific area? MapInfo Pro Drone app is available. Looking for additional special purpose tools? We have an app for that, too.



Make beautiful maps with map layout improvements

Experience crisp new line and fill styles, vectorized legends, faster redraws, snapping and alignment, templates, multipage layouts.






Turn your data into insights using the new heat mapping available within MapInfo Pro:

Start with any file of people, places, or things and visualise the density of the locations as 'hot spots' that help you make better decisions. For more power, upgrade to MapInfo® Pro Advanced and work with all kinds of raster data using the fast, highly compressed MRR format.

Automate -- or customise your business processes -- with more programming support:

New support has been added for .NET and Python providing more powerful extensions to MapInfo Pro.  MapBasic has also been enhanced with many new commands.

Step up to the 64-bit version of MapInfo Pro:

If you’re still using a 32-bit version such as 12.5, you are missing out on the last four years of improvements that help you do your job faster and better.  Learn how your company will greatly benefit through the upgrade.

Location-based decisions: Explore, model and act with confidence.

Make the move to MapInfo Pro v2019 and join the MapInfo community. Together, we’ll take a new, exciting journey as we collaborate to improve the future of mapping analytics.