What our clients say

“Personalisation is a major factor of modern marketing, and consumers are demanding a more personalised experience than ever before. It is becoming imperative for organisations to deliver marketing material tailored to their target audience’s interests, behaviours and desires. The higher education sector is no different. We saw the project as a new way for USQ to approach a traditional campaign. The modern consumer demands a highly personalised experience in any media they consume, and in order to influence their purchasing behaviour, the personalised video, tailored to the individual based off university data, was seen as a great option for USQ and aligned perfectly with the University’s brand." - Helen Nolan, Executive Director, Marketing & Student Attraction at the University of Southern Queensland. 


“A global footprint is essential for us. We have demand across the world and need to get our shoes and accessories to a diverse group of markets. By partnering with Pitney Bowes, we can sell to shoppers in more than 150 countries and territories and their end-to-end technology offers a seamless localised experience to our customers." - Adam Bianco, Director, Tony Bianco 


“Adore Beauty is already Australia’s leading online shopping destination for beauty products and cosmetics and, this year, we sought to expand our footprint globally by partnering with Pitney Bowes. Through this partnership, we are able to offer thousands of our wonderful products to more than 150 countries and territories thanks to the technology, which offers a seamless localised experience to customers.” - Kate Morris, Founder and CEO of Adore Beauty


James Barritt, Executive Director of Zarraffa’s Coffee said, “Pitney Bowes’ Location Intelligence technology has allowed us to visualise and analyse where our customers are, where we should open new stores and where to focus our marketing efforts in order to attract new customers. By enriching our own customer information with geodemographic data, we can easily see where the best opportunities are for expansion. Decisions are now made based on accurate and precise information which has facilitated the rapid growth of our business.” - Zarraffa’s Coffee

According to Jeff Hazelwood, First Vice President, Solutions Manager with The Bancorp’s Institutional Banking team, “As an innovator in financial services and technology, we are excited to be working alongside the innovators at Pitney Bowes, who are helping us to deploy the EngageOne Video solution. The Bancorp endeavours to identify and integrate cutting-edge technology as a means of delivering truly superior client experience and we are confident that this tool will help us do just that.” - Bancorp

Paul Baxter, head of Direct, Geoffrey Insurance Services and Zenith Direct said, “As a company that has already received numerous accolades for our levels of customer service, we’re always looking at new ways to engage our customers and embracing new technologies to drive a greater service experience is a key part of this. We were hugely impressed with EngageOne Video. It will help us take customer engagement to a new level”. - Geoffrey Insurance Services

“We have found view times for the new videos are off the charts, meaning we engage with our audience for a significant amount of time,” said Andrew Zapotosky, director of digital marketing at Jackson. “Using the EngageOne Video, we connect with advisors to share information, promote our advantages and reinforce our brand value, as well as provide them with an interactive tool to educate their clients.”  - Jackson

WiseTech Global CEO Richard White said “Our customers benefit from further enhancements in geocoding and physical address validation which can assist customs compliance and reduce the risks and costs associated with undelivered shipments. We selected Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology for its precision in global address validation.” - WiseTech Global

“Previously, we provided a generic product tour on our website,” recalls Seth Hauben, Chief Marketing Officer, Wintac Software. “It was long and impersonal, and people would drop off quickly. We realized that if we could provide a tailored digital experience that talked to prospects in their own industry-specific language, we could engage visitors in more meaningful ways, which would ultimately drive an increase in sales. Pitney Bowes made it possible to deliver a high-impact digital experience tailored to each person.” - Wintac Software

“For a long time, we were looking for a way to enrich our safety-as-a-service platform with rich location capabilities, and were considering, at one point, to build out these capabilities on our own,” said Sharif Alexandre, CEO, at FABRIQ. “Instead, we came across the GEO911 APIs in Pitney Bowes’ developer portal and successfully shaved our time-to-market from months to weeks. We were able to integrate Pitney Bowes’ APIs easily into our platform, and if at any time we had to troubleshoot any problems, we knew that we could revisit the documentation and resources on the portal. We appreciated the simplicity, speed and ease of this process.” - FABRIQ

Feedback from beta test users confirms that the SendPro solution delivers convenience, simplicity and value:

  • “This is by far the most efficient and user-friendly shipping tool I have come across. I have used them all, and this is the best.” Jeremy Kershaw, Director of Shipping and Receiving at the United Kennel Club, the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world. - United Kennel Club

  • “This is so intuitive and much easier to use than I expected from a beta product.” Shannon Skubel, Vital Nutrients, a leading provider of supplements for the healthcare industry. - Vital Nutrients

“Spectrum has met and exceeded our expectations in the versatility and flexibility of how it continues to improve our cleanup and duplicate identification processes in an independent, streamlined way,” said Joel Gutiérrez Garcia, MapFRE Director General of Information Management. - MapFRE

“As a specialized engineering-driven organization, we have to be as efficient as possible, without losing the personal relationship with customers that we are best known for,” says Chris Teague, Director of Marketing, Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co. “EngageOne Video allows us to uncover customers’ needs and efficiently maintain a strong relationship with a customer, while maintaining the interactivity of an onsite capabilities presentation.” - Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co.