Leadership & Governance

Recognized as a leader in business ethics, Pitney Bowes corporate governance emphasizes accountability, oversight and sound operating principles.

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Good principles have their rewards.  They build trust among our customers, stockholders, employees and communities.

Code of Ethics

Governance Principles


Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation

Insider Trading Policy

Executive Stock Ownership Policy

The five Board Committees include Audit, Executive, Executive Compensation, Finance and Governance.

Name Audit Executive Executive
Finance Governance
Linda G. Alvarado       x x
Anne M. Busquet     x   x
Robert M. Dutkowsky     x   x
Roger Fradin x     x  
Anne Sutherland Fuchs     x   x
Mary J. Steele Guilfoile x     x  
S. Douglas Hutcheson x     x  
Marc Lautenbach   x      
Eduardo R. Menascé   x x*   x
Michael I. Roth x x*   x*  
Linda Sanford x   x    
David L. Shedlarz x* x   x  
David B. Snow Jr.   x x   x*

*Committee Chair

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