Pitney Bowes is a leading provider of customer communication technologies. Our software equipment and services help businesses communicate more effectively in today’s multi-channel environment so they can build long-term customer relationships and drive profitable growth.

Through our unique combination of smarter analytical tools and expertise in physical digital and hybrid communications we‘re helping businesses meet the many challenges of connecting with individual customers today. We also provide strategic outsourcing services to help organizations streamline their mail and print operations and manage critical documents.

A $5.3 billion company with over 28000 employees we serve both large corporations and small-to-medium-sized businesses in more than 100 countries. We are widely recognized for our heritage of innovation and for our record as a global corporate citizen that spans our business community and environmental practices.


To thrive businesses need to build long-term customer loyalty. It starts with finding the right prospects landing them as customers and then enhancing the relationship over the long haul – activities that require a deep understanding of the individual customer. Yet businesses continue to struggle with harnessing the value of the available customer data and connecting this to the interactions they have with their customers. Pitney Bowes can help with smart software that improves the quality of data provides valuable customer insight and embeds this understanding into the communication to ensure that an outstanding customer experience is delivered every time.

Data Quality and Enrichment
Good quality customer data is the foundation for a successful customer relationship. Our software will cleanse update and standardize customer data enhancing its value as a growth-driver. Our technology allows people in your organization to pull data from different databases – accounts payable customer care and contact history – to get a complete view of individual customers. Who benefits? Marketers who are creating targeted campaigns. Call-center reps who need to determine in real time what else a customer might want to buy. And your customers of course. It’s all part of building a mutually rewarding relationship.

Insight and Analysis
Our analytical software applications enable businesses to understand individual customers better and how to meet their needs. We can even help forecast customer behavior so you can target only those customers who will react positively to an offer without having to spend money on those who would have made a purchase without a special offer. Our Location Intelligence capabilities can help you identify where your best prospects are located so you can make better decisions on matters like where to concentrate your sales efforts or where to build your next store.

Multi-channel Management
A decade ago customer communications meant telephone or mail. Today many organizations are trying to manage eight channels or more including the Web email mobile text social media and a host of custom apps. Our pioneering technology allows businesses to use a single platform to produce communications for multiple channels bringing greater coordination without the loss of the unique benefits of each channel. Our software also helps turn these communications into two-way conversations allowing users to learn from past responses to create more relevant offers and predict which channels will work best for the next communication.

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In the multi-channel world mail remains one of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers. Far from being eclipsed by the Internet and other communication channels mail complements these channels and enhances their effectiveness.

Nobody knows more about maximizing the power of mail than Pitney Bowes. We launched an entire industry in 1920 with our original meter and have been responsible for virtually every technological breakthrough since including remote postage downloading online postage and networked digital mailing systems.

We continue to invest in technologies that increase the effectiveness of mail and make it easier to integrate mail with digital channels. We offer a full range of meters digital color printers inserters and sorters for every size organization from the global enterprise to the smallest business. These tools enable the creation of high-impact full-color customer communications including bills and statements marketing offers and compliance documents – all at the highest level of security.

Our mid-volume printers and inserters bring production-like capabilities to mid-range mailers. These systems allow you to design print assemble and meter complex mailings in a single operation for the highest levels of document integrity.

With the intelligent software that powers our hardware you’ll be able to add targeted marketing messages to your transactional communications and transform the complexities of mail production into a seamless integrated process.

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With the growing complexity of customer communications and the time-consuming challenges of mail and document management you can’t go wrong by entrusting these all-important activities to the experts at Pitney Bowes whatever the size of your organization. Our consultants can advise you on how to maximize ROI and then provide the resources to get the job done right. Our new online services can change how you run your business by reducing the amount of physical mail you send for example and how you market yourself. We’re even simplifying the lives of consumers.

Management Services
Businesses around the world rely on our expertise to compete more effectively in today’s fast-paced business environment with its emerging technologies and complex regulatory requirements. Our services range from professional consulting mail-and-document management and managed output services to integrated content management. Our expertise spans most major industries including financial services and insurance legal the public sector technology and telecommunications.

Mail Services
We help you earn the best possible discounts on First-Class® and Standard® postage with our presort services doing work the U.S. Post Service would otherwise have to perform itself. And we span the globe with international offerings ranging from mail preparation and fulfillment to courier and freight services.

Online Services for Small Business
Small businesses often have to navigate the complexities of the multi-channel world on their own. We are helping these companies market themselves with the sophistication of larger companies with services for managing direct mail email and QR code-based campaigns. Our Internet postage service lets users print shipping labels and postage for letters from any networked computer eliminating the need for software downloads.

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