Powerful reporting for sound business decisions

Budget Manager Mail Accounting Software

Pitney Bowes brings you a way to manage all aspects of your mail centre budget. Budget Manager – powered by Intellilink® technology, can generate and report on information with an unprecedented level of detail, allowing you to use actual data to reach business decisions.

Budget Manager – powered by Intellilink® technology can generate postal usage information with an unprecedented level of detail allowing you to use actual data to reach your business decisions.,


Product Benefits

Expense Management

  • Manage accounts within predetermined budgets and spending limits, giving departments the information they need to stay within budget.
  • Track mailing expenses for clients or internal departments.
  • Review the characteristics of your mailings to see if they qualify for postal discounts.

Cost Centre Management

  • Turn your mail room into a profit centre by effectively managing, tracking and charging back departmental or client costs.
  • Track individual accounts against predetermined budgets and set spending limits.
  • Recover costs or operate as a profit centre with a fully integrated charge back solution.

Information Management

  • With Budget Manager there is finally a complete management and reporting tool that will help your mail centre manage the flow of information throughout your entire organisation.
  • Integrate your mail centre with your enterprise information system and eliminate isolated expense tracking on paper.
  • Manage information in your own spreadsheet programs – access to complete data for all mailing transactions gives you the flexibility and level of detail you need.