Address Printing and Management

Reaching the right customers starts with having the right customer data.

Manually updating your address database can be time-consuming.
Close the loop on customer communications with our address and deliverability validation solutions.

How can we help to close the loop



Validate and correct your customer address data to reduce returned mail costs.




Automate address list management and address printing with solutions for mailers of all sizes.




Generate barcodes for postal discounts. Plus, keep track of your own and third-party mailings.


Address printing

AddressRight DA50s Addressing System

Hardworking mail begins with a complete addressing solution.

Your goal is to produce successful mailings at the lowest possible cost per item. The DA50s AddressRight envelope printer can print up to 7,700 items per hour, optimising performance and saving costs along the way.    

AddressRight DA70s

Hardworking mail begins with a complete addressing solution.

Target the right market with the right message. The DA70s AddressRight envelope printer can address your mail piece and add a personalised message to envelopes, postcards, booklets and more, at speeds of up to 8,800 items per hour.

AddressRight DA80f Addressing System

Speed and efficiency to enhance your mailing operations.

Designed for frequent mailers, the AddressRight DA80f Addressing System envelope printer delivers optimum performance and dependability. Printing up to 14,000 mail pieces per hour, the DA80f can print addresses, barcodes and customised messages in one pass.

AddressRight DA95f High Volume Addressing System

The ultimate in performance and dependability.

Rely on the DA95f AddressRight envelope printer to provide the speed and efficiency that drives your profitability. Print up to 30,000 mail pieces per hour, in spot color and grab the attention of the recipient.

HP Inkjet Systems

Say yes to more jobs

High quality HP based print technology is now available for the direct mail market through Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies.

Why Pitney Bowes?

90 plus years of innovation

As the inventors of the first commercially available postage meter, we have 90 plus years of experience delivering innovations that help clients navigate this complex and always evolving world of commerce.


Over 1.5 million

That's how many small businesses across the world we help communicate to their clients, fufil orders while enhancing productivity, improving mail delivery and optimizing postage spend.    

Trusted partner

We help you collect, track, process and use data to market to the best customers and expose them with communication that works.


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