3010 Letter Opener

3010 Letter Opener

Free up your time by using a Pitney Bowes automatic letter opener! The 3010 is designed for organisations with low to moderate incoming mail volumes, who require careful opening to protect the contents. The robust design of the 3010 will ensure safe operations while getting the job done quickly.

Handling incoming mail can be a chore. It takes precious time is tedious work and is probably the last thing any employee really wants to do. This is where the 3010 letter opener can make a difference in your business.

It will make quick yet careful work of your incoming mail pile and will leave you mess-free and with the contents ready for sorting and distribution.

  • Quick and careful the 3010 can open up to 3 000 envelopes per hour while still ensuring the safety of the contents.
  • Flexible and efficient this machine can open most sizes and types of envelopes – even in a mixed pile!
  • No Mess the 3010 is chadless! This means that it does not remove any part of the envelope instead it slices the top. There are two upsides to this feature firstly it creates no cuttings that can get in the way of feeding and operating and secondly there are no mess to clean up after use!
  • Easy to operate!
  • Low cost this machine pays for itself – even for the small user.

Production Speed (approx):

3, 000 per hour

Maximum Thickness:

1/4” - 6mm

Envelope Size:

All/Mixed Sizes


7”x13”x9” – 180 x 330 x 215 mm