Avoid delays

DL400 Letter Opener

The DL400 Letter Opener makes an incision across the top of each envelope, which means there is no waste produced. This removes the risk of paper jams from envelope off cuts – so if you’re in a hurry you won’t be delayed.

Powerful Performance, Solid Investment

The DL400 is designed for organisations with moderate to high volumes which require careful opening to protect the contents of incoming mail.Its robust design ensures safe operations while getting the job done fast.

Compact tabletop opener enables users to automatically feed a wide range of batched mail pieces:

  • A fast and efficient tabletop letter opener that operates at up to 400 letters per minute
  • Robust solution which helps to open a wide variety of envelopes
  • Milling technology protects contents from damage
  • Clean operation; quick and easy to use


Up to 400 envelopes per minute


102cm (L), 40cm (D), 36cm (H)



Envelopes Supported

All sizes and types

Envelope Thickness


Depth of Cut

.25mm to 1.78mm


220-240VAC, 50Hz, 3amps

Sound Output

<80 db