Meet your deadlines - with the DM300™

DM300™ Digital Postage Meter

If it's your job to get the mail out fast, the DM300™ Digital Postage Meter can make sure you achieve your objective. Reliable and easy to use, it will deal with the mail in record time, and you can be confident your business is paying the correct postage on every letter and parcel.

DM300™ Digital Postage Meter is simple to use and highly productive! Every business needs to operate as efficiently as possible.

Even daily, routine tasks need to be performed in a productive manner. The easy-to-use, DM300™ Mailing System will amaze you with its simplicity and advanced capabilities.

The DM300™ can handle up to 50 accounts allowing you to track and monitor your postal expenditure.

  • Future-proof mailing: Intellilink® connects the DM300™ to a secure server enabling services such as postal tariff changes, software updates and advertising slogans to be downloaded quickly and effortlessly.
  • Fast, accurate postage re-crediting: Replenish your DM300™ 24-hours a day with simple one-touch refills via PB Postage (PBP)™ - quick, secure and hassle-free.
  • User-Friendly Control Centre: You’ll learn to use the DM300™ system in only minutes. It takes you through every processing step, with an expanded 7-line graphics display. Dedicated functions, labeled keys and a QWERTY keyboard ensure faster processing.
  • Integrated weighing ensures Correct Postage. The DM300™ system has a 5kg integrated scale as standard, with the option of increasing the capability to 7kg, 12kg or 35kg with an interfaced scale.
  • Streamlined processing: Efficiently meter and mail pieces up to 9.5mm thick, whilst larger mail is quickly processed with self adhesive tape strips.
  • Accounting Capability: Accounting for postage expenses is crucial. With the DM300™ system you can track up to 50 accounts.
  • New Zealand Post Compliant. The DM300™ is fully compliant with New Zealand Post requirements for secure postage printing, Information Based Indicia (IBI) and the latest technology for the Postal Security Device (PSD).



315mm(H), 370mm(L), 435mm(D), 8.5kg approximately (Weight)


65 letters per minute

Envelope (Size)

89mm x 127mm(Min), 330mm X 381mm(Max)

Envelope (Thickness)

0.2mm(Min), 9.5mm(Max)